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Intercity buses of Corfu

The intercity buses of Corfu are the most popular way to get to know the island.
Green buses will take you safely and quickly to any part of Corfu.
The green buses connect Corfu town with every part of the island and also connect
Corfu Island with the biggest cities in Greece. Green buses are being chosen every day
from local and foreign travelers, for safe, secure, fast and easy journeys.


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Green buses of Corfu respond to your confidence by delivering
your unaccompanied parcels quickly safely and responsibly.


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For the low cost and the great earnings

Example route: Corfu - Sidari distance 38 km. once a day for a month you will need:
With an average passenger car:

300 €/month for fuel
250 €/year for service
250 €/two years for tires
1,5 hours / day for driving
You save more than:


By Corfu’s intercity buses:
You'll have a rest, comfort and safe travel, you will enjoy the journey surfing to the internet from the free wireless network available to our coaches, while in the same time you will be gaining 40-50% to your monthly expenses.

We offer you safe, comfort and fast travelling.

With over:
Vehicles 100%
With over:
Different Destinations
Destinations 100%
With over:
Experienced Staff
Experience 100%
With over:
Routes Daily
Routes 100%

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